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Threshold: Sonoran Sea
Threshold: Sonoran Sea
Still from Two-Channel Video Installation

Threshold: Sonoran Sea is an immersive multi-channel video installation. Set in coastal Sonora at the meeting of the ocean and desert, a narrative of human and animal transference takes place as viewers move through two opposing projections that situate them centrally within the surreal threshold between water and land.

Navigating an isolated coastal landscape at the precipice of anthropocentric destruction, a woman traverses bleached architecture and beach dunes in solitude, witnessing animals engaging in the tenuousness of survival, supernatural beings, and dolphins with whom she ultimately "joins" through the allusion of transcendence or death. This work is a meditation on the fragility of the natural world set amidst a unique landscape that bares the limits and expanses of the edges of our sustained reality.

This work was made possible by a 2017 Arts Foundation of Southern Arizona New Works Project Grant

A single-channel version of the film is available here